Funny Bone Harris


Funnybone is a high energy, electrifying, down to earth Christian Comedian that is suitable for everybody. His quick punch lines and bible base jokes can tickle your funnybone and teach the word of God through laughter.

He consider himself the ministry of comedy because God has given him the ability to use bible principles in his comedian routine. When it comes to hosting he considers himself as the drum major, the event goes where he goes and normally it to the top.

When booking Funnybone it's like adding a new member to the family because after the show he will fellowship until the last person leaves. His motto is "YOUR GIFT CAN GET YOU A JOB, BUT FELLOWSHIP CAN HELP YOU KEEP IT". Each of his performances are build around the event, rather it's a Marriage Retreat, Singles, Church or Pastors Anniversary, Birthday Celebration or just a normal Comedy Show. He will have you laughing from the start to the finish, taking you to a blast to the past of the Old School Life and Fun Times as a Christian from the Hood.