The Magnificent Songs Of Funnybone

Get ready to rock to the music and laugh to the lyrics with the magnificent songs of Funnybone . The bible says in Proverbs 13:24 you spare the rod you spoil the child, so get ready to laugh off his song "my my my". Some church folks have a hard time with being obedient with giving their 10% so Funnybone will share with you on how it was hard for him at first "giving his 10%".

Alot of pastors go through alot with praying for members and covering them but, some members back stab the pastors so Funnybone will take you down his path on how he would handle it if he was a pastor through his song "tko". We all know mother's day is a great time of the year, and we celebrate our mothers by taking them to the best restaurants, but now it time to take the fathers to the best restaurant as well so enjoy Funnybone song called "Ruth Chris".