Being Healed 4 Real with CROSS-EYED Vision

Get Ready, Get Ready for a powerful motivational speaking from Albert “Funnybone” Harris. The only way to be completely healed is to FORGIVE. By true forgiveness, you give up your right to harm who done harm to you. CROSS-EYED vision is the only vision to see you through healing. Let’s face it, none of us can out live God which means we certainly can’t be healed without him.

Without Cross-Eyed vision you will become blind from seeing your true healing. You will start to become what you complained about. You will celebrate when Bad things happen to the person who did you harm. You will convince people around you to turn on who done harm to you.

God has given Funnybone the testimony to see with Cross-Eyed vision. So many people around has been blessed with Funnybone vision to lead healing the CROSS-EYED vision way. God see’s you HEALING, Man see’s you to REVENGE. Get ready to put on your new eye sight, with BEING HEALED 4 REAL WITH CROSS-EYED VISION.